Inside R.A.W.

A Note From our Founder

Our society influences our view on how we see success, love, vision, empowerment, and life in general. authenticity is not a new message but one we must embrace and enrich the world to live by.  my vision is never to create a mirror effect.. however,  The Goal is to encourage our followers and clients to have a limitless freedom the world needs today by teaching and walk in their authenticity. Why? because we all  reflect light and love. 

Non-Profit Organization

R.A.W. perfume & body collection supports our sister company which is a non profit organization called r.a.w. international. r.a.w. International encourages women to participate in the global change of the human race--- the return to AUTHENTICITY and PURPOSE!  A portion of our proceeds are donated to support this organization's mission to help women end the war of abuse, low self-esteem, minimal mindset of success, Self-Judgment, Fear of Walking in new career changes, and other serious issues present in our society today.

 RAW Founder, CEandrys black

RAW Founder, CEandrys black

R.A.W. International (Releasing Authentic Women) goes beyond the empowerment of women. September 2017, I decided to extend the Brand of RAW to not Women alone but Warriors. In my Book " From War to Raw", I discuss in debt the freedom of living a life of authenticity. 

R.A.W. International has been equipped to provide you with enriching tools to embrace your Purpose and walk in this beautiful life of Authenticity. Who has to compete with the person next to you or in your career when you understand Whose you are and what you have to give can't be given the way you can do it.

I leave you with this, Lets continue to eradicate the  cultural and racial barriers that come to define who we are. Rather we celebrate oneness and the appreciation of differences.

Living Authentically,

Ceandrys E Black