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You are authentic, worthy, unbreakable and powerful.  RAW Perfume & Body Collection was created with you in mind. it is more than fragrance & Pampering, it is a call to action. A call to be who you were created to be!




Be Free to be authentic 

 RAW Perfume & Body Collection was conceived with authenticity in mind. Our Products and scents are designed in homage to your unique beauty. Just like the brilliance of a precious jewel, our products represent a conscience awareness of unleashing and embracing the true you.  Enjoy our creative designs!.



This scents floral tone represents a woman's timeless elegance and grace..



This scents fruity tone represents how a woman represents her authentic self.



This scents oriental tone represents the essence that makes her a woman.

Raw Stories

You are a song played deep in the souls of women everywhere. You are PERSISTENT, strong and impactful!  Raw perfume & Body Collection was created with you in mind.  It is the melody to that song in your soul.


Something magical happens when women lift up other women by telling their Raw story.  



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You are amazing, focused, sylish and powerful!  You don't stop until you reach your goals. Raw perfume & body Collection was created with you in mind.  It embodies the spirit of who you are!